Aris Anastassopoulos
Sound for Films

Profile : Gathering 18 years of experience in the industry Aris has worked on shootings in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Brussels and the Greek islands, on 18 feature films to date and a plethora of commercials as well as TV shows and documentaries.
Versatile and cooperative with an extensive list of the industry’s finest equipment including digital recorders, microphones, radios, custom sound cart, iem systems, advanced power / monitoring setups and more, he was awarded a fellowship for a business start up in the UK through Digital City Innovation where he has been operating from since March 2011, based in London and Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Keen on pushing the envelope of sound recording and mixing techniques, he has worked on a total of 4 studios to date, including a Dolby certified mastering studio specialising in cinematic releases.

Aris pursued his professional audio career as an assistant audio engineer working in classical orchestra ensembles and opera plays in Greece, at the Athens Music Megaron, Herodium theatre and a number of the country’s highest end auditoriums and venues. Having worked on Live venues he then run his own stages and PA systems utilising cutting edge technology and innovative setups for electronic music performances and open air sound systems, noticeably setting up one of Europe’s premier 5.1 sound systems for electronic music on the island of Samothraki, where he set up a number of shows for contemporary electronic music artists. He also run stages and set up sound systems for Juno Reactor Live ( known for writing scores on the Matrix, Desperado movies and more ) , The Future Sound Of London , Just Dance Festival and more.

His love and affinity for films drew him towards production sound mixing and audio recording for films which is his area of speciality over the last 15 years. Having a wide range of experience from TV to film and documentaries, his extended insight in the post production process is a valuable asset for every production, saving time, money and being able to deliver realistic and original performances, captured while filming on set.
He can deliver the best results catering production needs and demands, without restricting actor performances or compromising the director’s aesthetic criteria and insight for each film.

Aris was the label manager and A & R of the underground music label Electronic Soundscapes for 10 years.
An independent alternative ambient electronica imprint since 2004, working with globally renowned electronic underground artists from Europe, Canada, Australia, USA and Japan.
Having released an overall of over 100 tracks, Electronic Soundscapes specialised in ungenred electronica of the finest quality from artists such as : ISHQ, Solar Quest, Zen Lemonade Adham Shaikh, Grey Area, Sol Tek, Alexander Daf and Spiritjack to name a few.